Reminder Email Registration for Financial Shield

Settlement Class Members will be provided access to Financial Shield for a period of at least 24 months from the Effective Date of the Settlement as part of the Settlement Benefits. The financial fraud coverage provided focuses on protecting financial assets, freezing identity at 10 different bureaus including the three main credit bureaus, home and property title monitoring, income tax protection and other services. Unlike traditional credit monitoring which focuses on identifying attempts to open new accounts in your name, the Financial Shield service provides real-time monitoring of your existing financial and investment accounts to alert you of any account changes and account takeover attempts, such as changes in address, a new signatory request, or requesting a replacement credit card.

Since the financial fraud coverage will not be available until the Settlement Effective Date, you may register with the Settlement Administrator to receive an email notification when it is time to register for Financial Shield. To register for that reminder email, please provide the "Financial Shield Code" sent in the Settlement Notice. If you did not receive a Financial Shield Code, but believe you are a Settlement Class Member, please call the Settlement Administrator at 1-855-604-1744 (Toll-Free) to verify your identity and receive further information.

Register Information: